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Puckett & Redford, P.L.L.C. is a law firm focusing on the representation of commercial and residential landlords that own and manage properties in Western Washington.

Please note that we are changing to new software, and that will require a single email with a single attachment per email.   Any new evictions to start will require a separate email per new eviction with a single attachment with all of the required forms– the notice, lease, ledger, and application for tenancy.   

All general emails should be sent to

Please email
For submission of new cases, other documents, including cancellations, declarations, sheriff forms, and general questions.

901 5th Ave, Suite 800
Seattle, WA 98164

Tel: 206.386.4800

Email Directory:

•  Randy Redford, Attorney
•  Tom Morningstar, Attorney
•  Bree Nelson, Paralegal
•  David Bockenkamp, Paralegal
•  Gwen McCall, Paralegal
•  Laura Schwager, Paralegal
•  Tami Larican, Accounting