New Office Software

I want to let you know that our office is moving to a new software package to hopefully serve our clients better. Under this new software, there is more automation, so for new evictions and any other email sent to


In November 2018, the Tacoma City Council enacted sweeping new ordinances aimed at residential tenant protections.  Many of the new rules are very similar to rules enacted by the City of Seattle. The new rules include the following: 1.95.020 –


Source of Income Law in Washington State

In 2018, the Washington State Legislature passed a new law, now codified in RCW 59.18.255, which makes participation in any federal, state, local, or non-profit voucher program, including Section 8, the HOME program, the HEN program, a protected class in

Seattle at Night

New Website

Hello and welcome to the new Puckett & Redford website. We are very excited to be sharing this with our clients, friends and family.