At Puckett & Redford we firmly believe in training and the value that it can provide for a landlord or property management company. We are available to conduct trainings for our clients at a location of their choice. These trainings cover the Residential Landlord Tenant Act and eviction procedures or fair housing laws. Each of the full trainings is approximately 3 hours long.

Randy Redford has been conducting training sessions for clients, attorneys and members of the general public for more than 10 years. At these trainings we can provide the benefit of our years of experience to all attendees, and provide answers to both general and specific questions.

These trainings provide substantial benefits to managers, leasing agents and maintenance staff. They will be helped to identify and deal with issues they are likely to confront on a daily basis in the management of a multifamily property.

Please contact either Randy Redford or Traci Nash to set up training for your company.