Commonly Used Forms

Below are most of the forms that our clients need to begin an eviction.
Just a note to remind you: if the tenant in question is a subsidized tenant (i.e. Section 8), you will need to use the Section 8 form.

For more information regarding the use of these forms, please refer to the FAQs.

Please email

For submissions of new eviction cases to start, send a copy of the lease, notices that the eviction will be based on, applications for tenancy and a current ledger – for multiple cases, either use a separate email for each case or make each case a separate attachment to the main email.

Please email

For submission of any other documents, including cancellations, declarations, sheriff forms, and general questions.

Death of a Single Resident
If the tenant is not the sole occupant (roommates or spouse also live there), the landlord is not required to take any action if one of the resident’s passes away.If a tenant that is the sole occupant of a rental unit passes away, the landlord must follow the rules set out in RCW 59.18.595. Forms and information about the landlord’s responsibilities are set out below.

All forms can be printed out for our clients’ use.